Phil Gifford is a musician who seeks to inspire students to use their creative talents to do ministry and glorify God! Native to Elkhart, IN, a city with rich music history, Phil has always been drawn to creating music. His music career began at a young age of 10 years old when he taught himself a few songs on the piano. Since then, Phil has fallen in love with music. He played saxophone for 5 years until he decided to take up percussion. Although Phil enjoyed saxophone, guitar, and other instruments, he loved percussion most. It became his passion in the musical world. He taught himself how to play the drum set through his local church, and was formally taught in concert percussion for years. Since graduating high school, Phil continues to play in church bands of all kinds and with his band Unsilent Prophets. Additionally, Phil creates click tracks and loops for youth ministry and explores studio recording on the side. As Phil is constantly growing his talent and learning from those who are better than himself, he believes his musical growth has finally come full circle as he seeks to inspire and be a teacher to many students!

Music Career