Why Lessons?

Starting off as a self-taught musician was a wonderful thing for me. I fell in love with idea of making melodies from notes on our keyboard at home. Upon joining band in elementary school, and then beginning percussion in high school, I was able to get away with the little music theory knowledge and playing ability that I had. But, as much as I would recommend getting involved with music, watching YouTube videos, etc., my playing ability never reached a higher potential without the help of teachers, instructors, and advisors. These people will help you set goals, monitor your progress, adjust lessons to meet your needs, and shape you into a well-rounded, innovative musician.

One of the things I love most about lessons is the ability to adapt to each student and provide materials and knowledge necessary to push them on the path toward their goals. Goals play a big part in my teaching. Students will be able to set clear goals with plans to practice towards them, and these are monitored on a weekly basis. Call or text via the Contact page to schedule a FREE 1/2 hour lesson/meet and greet to see if lessons are right for you!


In most cases, Iessons are available for $15 per half hour lesson, or $25 per hour lesson. The rates may vary depending on where the lessons will be held due to travel expenses (i.e. student lives in a different city); however, I try my best to maintain this affordable rate. Lessons are offered weekly, or bi-weekly depending on preference. In some cases, students may want to do multiple lessons a week (i.e. two half hour lessons). Although this is harder, it is possible in certain settings, and will require additional planning.


These are never a problem, but for good measure, I keep it in writing for the sake of students and parents.

Payment Policies:

  • Payments are preferred a month ahead of time, however, payment by lesson will also be accepted upon contact with me.
  • Cash or Check is currently accepted.
  • Any attempt of counterfeiting, etc. will lead to me stopping lessons immediately.

Missed Lessons:

  • Life happens! We get sick, forget about plans, get busy on the holidays, etc. In the event that a student will miss a lesson, please notify me within 24 hours if possible.
  • If you miss a lesson and you pay by the month, we will work together on getting a make-up lesson, or subtracting payment from the next month’s lessons.

Scheduling & Time Reservations:

  • Lessons are on a first come, first serve basis, so contact me immediately with any changes you need to make to scheduling, etc.
  • If three weeks have passed and you’ve been unable to meet at the original time, I will ask you to reschedule a different time in order to free up time for other students.
  • I will send out weekly reminders/check-in texts to verify that you do plan to meet for the week.